Lawn Thatcher | Selection And Use Made Easy

If you have a beautiful lawn in your courtyard, then it needs regular maintenance and checkups. The most tedious part of this activity is de-thatching the lawn in order to promote its normal growth. Thatch is a yellow green layer of dead grass, stolons or other grass parts which interferes between soil and grass blades and thereby inhibits the normal supply of water or fertilizers to the spread of grass. To remove this layer special tools are available in markets which are called de-thatching tools or a lawn thatcher. Thatching with a specialized tool is done only one time in a year which is mostly spring time to lead the natural water to the shaft and roots of grass.

There are various types and kinds of lawn thatchers available in market or can be prepared at home by gathering some necessary accessories. A little thatching with these tools greatly helps the lawn to fertilize and spread in the surrounding area. Before thatching, acidity and other parameters of the soil are tested to judge the ideal time for removing the layer. The lawn thatcher is generally toothed comb like equipments which helps to scrape out the layer of dead grass and other debris from lawn. These machines can be handled manually or run on gas and electricity powered motors. These rake like tools initiate thatching by loosening the layer of soil and hence motorized versions are widely accepted to avoid the manual labor.

The first type in lawn thatcher is the manual thatcher which is a short rake with sharp edged teeth on the panel to work swiftly on heavy layers of thatch. The construction of a manual lawn thatcher is very simple that needs a long handle for ease of operation. They resemble the regular rakes used in the yard but have sharp teeth than the normal ones. These lawn thatchers are used on the lawn to pull out the thatch layer while loosening the soil. These are better than the automated version as it can pull every inch of thatch with the powerful teeth which ensures smooth spread of materials amongst the grass.

There is another type of lawn thatcher available to clear the thatch off the lawn which is called the mechanical thatcher. This machine completely resembles the lawn mowers or similar equipments. The shaft of this tool consists of many long comb like blades that revolve around the axis. These offer many adjustments for the user to cut the thatch from different angles and length. Major mechanical lawn thatchers have a height adjustment in the handle by which the operator can decide on the thickness of thatch he wishes to remove for example if the blade is fixed at the upper adjustment then it will only remove the outer layer of thatch. The angle modification system is present for the operator to remove the thatch from various directions and to achieve regular results in all the spreads of grass.

Whatever type of lawn thatcher is used the main importance should be given to the appropriate time for thatching. It is always good to thatch the lawn when the growth rate of grass is decreased and after removing this regular watering and fertilizing should be carried on to ensure you get thick and even spread of grass in your lawn to make it look wonderful.

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